Xbox Handheld

Could this baby be the kryptonite to Sony’s PSP? Find out if the rumors are true or not…

You know how the Internet works, folks. Undust your Photoshop, create a fake mockup and suddenly you can get away and go to the top of Google and fool the world that Microsoft already has the Xbox handheld.

Here’s a gallery of the CONCEPT ART (all fakes AFAIK) of the Xbox handheld gaming device that has been circling around the Internet.

While we’re at it, here’s a list of thing WE want to see for the REAL Xbox handheld

  • It’s also a phone
  • wi-fi HDSPA
  • bigger, brighter screen
  • longer battery life than the PSP
  • great games for it – not just lame ports!
  • HD

Some have said that they’re integrating it with the Zune… c’mon Microsoft, give the Zune a rest…


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