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Japan Ends Xbox Support

Japan has declared that it is no longer servicing Xbox (the first gen console, NOT the 360) effective March of this year.

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Mircrosoft Taps Moms to Market Xbox 360

The marketing dudes at Microsoft have a new marketing strategy – try to convince moms to buy the Xbox 360. If it works, it will be great marketing coup.

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Xbox Handheld

Could this baby be the kryptonite to Sony’s PSP? Find out if the rumors are true or not…

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Xbox 360, You Retarded Piece of S%*T

One man’s anguish over the tragedy that is the Xbox360.

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XIM360: Mouse & Keyboard On Your 360

For all of you Xbox 360 users who’ve had fervent dreams of ever getting a full FPS experience on their games, the XIM360 may just be what you’ve been dreamin’ about.

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Rock Band Stage Kit

Hey! Want to get real fog and funky lights into your otherwise lame RockBand performances? Worry no more and pretend you’re Bon Jovi! Here’s something real cool – the Rock Band Stage Kit.

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