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Riverside Iowa. Got it?

Yup. Any Trekkie would know that that is the future birthplace of Jamers Tiberius Kirk. The folks at Riverside recently erected this marker above. Neato!

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The Best Forum Thread Ever Made

Einstein holding Cloud’s sword beside Henry Rollins, Indy, and Snake Eyes? No doubt about it, these are The Most Epic Crossover Pics You Have Ever Seen. Prepare to get your mind blown up.

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Star Trek Voyager Wallpaper Collection

Show the world that you’re a certified Geek or Trekkie with these uber-cool Star Trek Voyager desktop wallpapers.

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Beam Me Up Hotties

If you’re a famous starfleet captain like James Tiberius Kirk, even he’ll be ga-ga over this vid

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Star Trek Tickets Now For Sale

Advanced selling of tickets for the new Star Trek movie is now ongoing.

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New Star Trek Movie Trailer

Here’s the new trailer for the Star Trek movie to be released this year. It shows the young captian Kirk as well as Spock in their adventures at Starfleet.

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Star Wars vs. Star Trek

  Check out this superbly edited fan-made video on Star Wars vs. Star Trek. Great stuff!  

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Jim Carrey Star Trek Spoof

Here’s an old video of a “In Living Color” show spoofing Star Trek Jim Carrey stars as the animated Capt. Kirk. Lots of laughs. Watch it now.

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Star Trek Online New Trailer

Powered by the Cryptic Engine, Star Trek Online will be developed for both console and PC formats. With customizable ships and characters from the Klingon Empire and United Federation of Planets…

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