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At Last. Dead Island Gameplay Video

A couple of months ago, Dead Island released what is, one of the best Zombie-game trailers for us to see. Now, look at 11 minutes of pure game play awesomenezz…

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Xbox 360, You Retarded Piece of S%*T

One man’s anguish over the tragedy that is the Xbox360.

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160GB PS3 Announced

Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA) recently announced plans to introduce a new 160GB PLAYSTATION 3 computer entertainment system in North America as part of the limited-edition Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune(TM) PS3 system bundle.

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Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 trailer

Marvel geeks will wet their pants on the Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2: Fusion trailer!

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Porn Star is a Special Producer for Saint’s Row 2

Porn star Tera Patrick has joined the development team for Saint’s Row 2 at Volition – with nothing less than being a “special producer”.

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Sony Unveils Details on DC Universe Online

From Sony Online Entertainment LLC (SOE)’s announcement of DC Universe Online, here are a few more details for DC and superhero fans everywhere…

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MGS4 is a “10″

Gamespot gave Metal Gear Solid 4 a perfect 10 in its review. This special privilege was also given to GTA4. What’s with the “fourth series” anyway? The return of Solid Snake in Guns of the Patriots for PS3 may have … Continue reading

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