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Diablo 3 Beta Likely In Q3 2011

Recently, Blizzard has announced its plans for the “upcoming Beta” of the highly anticipated game, Diablo 3. Though no exact date was announced, industry analysts predict that it would happen in Q3 of this year in time for maybe a … Continue reading

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The Best PC Case Mod is Having No Case

‘Nuff said.

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StarCraft 2 Heart Of The Swarm Trailer

Wohooo! Leaked trailer of the next expansion for StarCraft 2, Heart of the Swarm. Zerg. ‘Nuff said.

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At Last. Dead Island Gameplay Video

A couple of months ago, Dead Island released what is, one of the best Zombie-game trailers for us to see. Now, look at 11 minutes of pure game play awesomenezz…

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Quick Game: Sieger

If you loved Angry Birds, you’ll love Sieger. A flash game where you shoot cannon balls at forts and attempt to kill the soldiers (much like the pigs). Check it out!

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Minecraft To End Beta On November. Has $32M in Sales

The awesome indie hit that is Minecraft has announced recently that it is going out of beta stage in November of this year (2011). Creator Markus Persson announced through his blog that once they do, the game won’t have any major … Continue reading

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Torchlight: While We Wait For Diablo 3

Here’s something to look forward to next month. Torchlight. By Runic Games. Something nice before waiting for Diablo 3 bores us to death…

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Battle Net 2 Revealed

During Blizzcon 2009, Blizzard revealed the screenshots of the spanking new Battle.Net…

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Boxhead the Zombie Wars

We here at Geekzkrieg love zombies… you name it: zombie movies, zombie toys, and zombie games. This game, Boxhead the Zombie Wars (in flash) is one of the best.

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Aion Beta Breaks Korean Records

  The beta testing for new MMORPG Aion Online last week broke all Korea OBT records. On last report, there were around 170,000 players in the first couple of days alone.

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