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Will Wright Leaves Maxis

EA recently announced that Will Wright, creator of such popular titles like SimCity and The Sims, will be leaving Maxis.

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German Minister Says Games Are Like Child Porn

German Interior Minister Joachim Herrmann said that violent video games fall into such trash as child pornography and illegal drugs.

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Fallout MMORPG in the Works?

Interplay has announced that it is teaming up with Masthead Studios for a seemingly big MMO title. Take a guess.

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Midway Now Bankrupt

Best known for their game, Mortal Kombat, it seems that Midway got the bad end of the “Finish Him” tagline.

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Company Logos After The Crisis

The whole world is now feeling the pressure of the financial crisis. Newly elected prez Obama is trying his best to rectify the situation with some programs. Meanwhile, here’s a parody look on how company logos might change during these … Continue reading

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Google Stocks Are Down

It seems that the “World’s Number One Brand”, and poised-to-dominate-the-web corporation, Google has lost some steam.

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Naomi Campbell Assaults Airport Cops

Model Naomi Campbell recently assualted two police officers while onboard a British Airways plane over arguments on lost luggage.

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