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Like a Baws – iPad Survives 100,000 Feet Drop

Do you have anxiety just thinking about dropping your precious iPad or iOS device? Worry no more! Here’s the ultimate test – drop an iPad encased in the G-Form case from the fringes of space… and survive! Video after the … Continue reading

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iOS Devices in Concert

Happy Weekend! What can be more awesome than a stage performance using nothing but iPads, iPhones and iTouches? The video after the break.

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Chinese iPad Workers Committing Suicide

That shiny flat thing at your hands may have come at a high price. Most iPads are made and assembled in China. The workers in those factories have a high suicide rate due to unfit working conditions “At least 14 … Continue reading

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Recreate The Vinyl Record Sound On Your iPad

It’s a different feeling when you listen to real vinyl records. The pops, cracks and hiss adds a surreal, nostalgic feel to the music. I guess that’s one of the reasons record collectors cling on to their dear vinyl. If … Continue reading

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iPad Still Dominates The Tablet Market

So how much was the total sales for tablet PCs in 2010? Well, that around $9.6 Billion. How much did the Apple iPad take in? Just a whopping $9.566 or 99% of that. Thanks to the genius that are Apple … Continue reading

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