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Geek Gadget: Wand Activated Magic Candle

Perked up by Harry Potter’s last movie? Impress your friend with the newest geek gadget from ThinkGeek.

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The Best Forum Thread Ever Made

Einstein holding Cloud’s sword beside Henry Rollins, Indy, and Snake Eyes? No doubt about it, these are The Most Epic Crossover Pics You Have Ever Seen. Prepare to get your mind blown up.

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All The Beards

Most geeks would like to grow a beard. Don’t ask me, I don’t have one. Anyways, this dude has a personal quest to “wear” all the beard types. Awesome! Check out his other beards

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Cool Products Inspired By Facebook

We all know why everyone and his brother is on Facebook and why Mark Zuckerberg may be this generation’s “Bill Gates” and is prolly happy with his tons and tons of cash (Sigh). Well… here are some cool real-life items … Continue reading

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Discover Your Geek Zodiac

Similar to the Chinese zodiac, you can find out what your geek zodiac sign is by finding your birth-year on the chart. You can be a Robot, Ninja, Alien or even a Super Hero. Mine is Ninja…. what’s yours? [ … Continue reading

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What’s the difference between a Geek, Dork or Nerd?

Sometimes we think that all 3 terms are the same. Guess what? They’re not. Let me clarify each…

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What’s Your Geek IQ?

Hey fellow geeks, I’d like to share with you a cool online survey – What Kind of Geek Are You? Links and results for my test after the jump

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Gaming Terms Defined

Ever wondered how the words “n00b”, “Pwn” and “gank” originated? Well… wonder no more. This video will explain everything. ‘Nuff said.

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Acappella Tribute to John Williams

Truly Geeky! Awesome production. Must see. Two thumbs up!

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Doomsday Device Keychain

Are you in stress? Use this nifty keychain to blow up your report, blow up your boss, blow up ANYTHING!

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