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Smartphones Dominate Handheld Gaming

The hand-held space is a pretty interesting avenue of gaming right now. While hand-held gaming has never been more popular, the competition has never been greater.

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Game Inspired Furniture For Your Home

Make your geek statement and use these gaming-inspired furnishings for every part of your home! Be the envy of your friends once you show off your Pac Man or Space Invaders couch, your NES bed/coffee table and many, many more!

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Gay Gamers

Yo! There’s a website devoted to gay gamers, www.gaygamer.net

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Hygiene Tips For Gamers

Prove them wrong gamers! We DO NOT stink!

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Practical Applications for the Gears of War Chainsaw

The Gears of War chainsaw-gun, called the “Lancer” inside the game isn’t just for chopping up and blowing villians. There are a hundred applications for this beast. Check em out!

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How To Quit an MMORPG

Let’s face it, MMORPGs are addictive. A recent article published at Hellforge examines why and has some answers to help you get over the addiction.

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Destroying Controllers

  Sometimes we really have to let off some steam. The guys at GamesRadar beat us to it. Check out their video, dudes. Enjoy!

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Xbox 360, You Retarded Piece of S%*T

One man’s anguish over the tragedy that is the Xbox360.

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