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Most Useless Machine

Only the Japanese can come out with such nonsense. Not only is it useless, it will most likely do a tantrum if it gets fed up. Watch the video…

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Hi Tech Doormat

Photo says it all. Don’t forget to share.

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Chinese iPad Workers Committing Suicide

That shiny flat thing at your hands may have come at a high price. Most iPads are made and assembled in China. The workers in those factories have a high suicide rate due to unfit working conditions “At least 14 … Continue reading

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The Mario Converse Chucks

Cool. Cool. Cool. Celebrating Mario’s 25th anniversary, Converse released the photos for a couple of Chucks slated for release this July. Too bad they’re only available for Japan as of the moment. Still worth the share though. Just click the … Continue reading

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Sony Playstation Tablets Revealed

Sony has recently announced that it has joined the tablet bandwagon with the official reveal of 2 Sony PlayStation Tablets.

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Decepticon Yatch Anyone?

This real-life yatch, called the Epiphany looks like it was designed for the Transformers movie in mind. Oh well, if you can afford it, it’s yours. More photos (and descriptions) after the break…

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Geek Gadget: Amaze Your Friends With The Credit Card Lightbulb

Here’s another cool, nerdy gadget. How about a light the size of a credit card? Amaze your friends by taking this out of your wallet, push back the “knob” and you got yourself a lightbulb! Perfect for the outdoors or … Continue reading

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Recreate The Vinyl Record Sound On Your iPad

It’s a different feeling when you listen to real vinyl records. The pops, cracks and hiss adds a surreal, nostalgic feel to the music. I guess that’s one of the reasons record collectors cling on to their dear vinyl. If … Continue reading

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iPad Still Dominates The Tablet Market

So how much was the total sales for tablet PCs in 2010? Well, that around $9.6 Billion. How much did the Apple iPad take in? Just a whopping $9.566 or 99% of that. Thanks to the genius that are Apple … Continue reading

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Hot New Gadgets By Sony

Sony Philippines recently announced its latest lineup of digital cameras and digital video recorders in time for the summer season. The new Cyber-shot and Handycam models will allow you to embark on a summer to remember as you dare yourself to … Continue reading

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