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Smartphones Dominate Handheld Gaming

The hand-held space is a pretty interesting avenue of gaming right now. While hand-held gaming has never been more popular, the competition has never been greater.

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iOS Devices in Concert

Happy Weekend! What can be more awesome than a stage performance using nothing but iPads, iPhones and iTouches? The video after the break.

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Cool iOS Charger

This is ‘em one of those “Why-didn’t-they-thought-of-that-before” moment. You don’t need to have your iOS device on the floor with the old, boring charge cable…

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Lightsaber Flashlight

ThinkGeek has something new. Lightsaber hilt flashlights. Available in Luke or Vader.

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Geek Gadget: Wand Activated Magic Candle

Perked up by Harry Potter’s last movie? Impress your friend with the newest geek gadget from ThinkGeek.

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The Ultimate Alarm Clock

Have problems with “oversleeping”? You can kiss that problem goodbye! Insert a hundred bucks in this alarm clock. If you don’t wake up, it starts shredding it.

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China External Hard Drive Scam

Alright! What do you see in the pic above? Looks like a nice, China fake Samsung 500GB HDD right? Well… looks can deceive…

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I Gotcha Sucka iPhone App

I’m a sucka for odd and weird iPhone apps. Yeah, that’s a trade secret. Anwyays, are you pissed at your boss, officeworkers or girlfriends/boyfriends? There’s an App for that! As they say, Revenge is a dish best served cold. Check … Continue reading

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The Pizza Box Laptop

Who says you need a lot of money to own a Laptop? Geeks, given enough time, can create one.

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R2-BQ. The Artoo Barbeque Grill

Whoa! Check this out. Someone turned his UDS grill into an R2D2 BBQ grill, dubbed, the R2-BQ. Cool! More photos after the jump.

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