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Marvel Comics History In One Panel

Check out this nice infographic… from Marvel’s humble beginnings, to its Golden Age, to now…

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Did the JLA Order Bin Laden Assualt?

Look here, mom! It’s the JLA…. watching live feed during the Bin Laden assualt.

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Real Life Superheroes!

Frustrated over the current state of people’s apathy over almost everything that happens around them, groups of people over the world have donned costumes in the hopes that they can make a difference.

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New York Comic Con 2008

If you think super heroes are weird, wait till you mix geeks and cosplay! That’s a helluva hang-over when you wake up. Have fun! New York Comic Con 2008 

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Watchmen Trailer

The latest trailer from the much awaited movie, “Watchmen” has just been released. Based on Alan Moore’s critically acclaimed graphic novel of the same title, the movie promises to be another big hit for DC.

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