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Eidos has last laugh over Pirates

People who have downloaded the new Eidos title, Batman: Arkham Asylum (PC version) illegally, might be surprised when they realize a certain “problem” in the game prevents them from advancing through it properly.

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All the Batman Movies in 5 Seconds

Read the title, click the video. Nuff said.

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REAL Batman Gets Arrested at Airport

Recently, ViolentDream posted about Christian Bale being arrested. Bah. Do you know that the REAL BATMAN just got arrested too?

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Batman Gets Arrested (updated)

Batman superstar Christian Bale spent 4 hours behind bars in Belgravia police station in central London, Monday. This following allegations by his mother and sister that he assaulted them.

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MK vs. DCU: Some blood, no gore

Rumors have been floating around about how the upcoming Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe game might end up being sissy-fied since the DC characters may not be susceptible to MK’s numero uno mechanic: the Fatality.

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