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The Physics Behind Angry Birds

Rovio has managed to enthrall us by sending Angry Birds whoozing through the air and (hopefully) land accurately on its target. But how realistic is the physics behind the game? One geek has done the (almost) impossible..

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The Angry Birds Car

Wohooo! Cool! Cool! Cool! Spotted in Ohio, this Chevy is the ultimate expression of Angry Birds love.

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Quick Game: Sieger

If you loved Angry Birds, you’ll love Sieger. A flash game where you shoot cannon balls at forts and attempt to kill the soldiers (much like the pigs). Check it out!

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Star Wars Angry Birds

Angry Rebels anyone? Here’s a cool mashup of Star Wars and Angry Birds. More photos after the break…

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Angry Birds Theme For Windows 7

The world just can’t get enough of the battle between the birds and the pigs. Oh well… here’s another doodand to keep yah happy – the Angry Birds Theme for Windows 7 Check out more photos (and the link where … Continue reading

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