Riverside Iowa. Got it?

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Yup. Any Trekkie would know that that is the future birthplace of Jamers Tiberius Kirk. The folks at Riverside recently erected this marker above. Neato!

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A History Of Ancient Sword Making

Swords and Sorcery, go well together, just like, duh, doughnuts and coffee. But that shouldn’t interest you. If you geeks want to learn more about the history of ancient sword making, you’re in for a treat.

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Cool iOS Charger

This is ‘em one of those “Why-didn’t-they-thought-of-that-before” moment. You don’t need to have your iOS device on the floor with the old, boring charge cable…

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The Chinese Police Are Ready For The Zombie Apocalypse

Yessir!!! Cops in China are issued crossbows! Zombies, look out.

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Lightsaber Flashlight

ThinkGeek has something new. Lightsaber hilt flashlights. Available in Luke or Vader.

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Browser Toolbar Fail

If you’re a lazy ass and you just let your apps auto-install the toolbars for you, chances are, you’ll end up with less screen-space like the loser who has the browser above. Sigh.

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Nice Flatscreen

Whoa! Some people will do the unthinkable to get a Flatscreen TV on the living room or bedroom. Check it out.

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Plot Device

Plot Device from Red Giant on Vimeo.

This is the most awesome short film. Indeed.

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First Look at the new Superman Actor

Henry Cavill stars as the new Superman in the coming movie Man of Steel, recently revealed via ComingSoon.net

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Diablo 3 Beta Likely In Q3 2011

Recently, Blizzard has announced its plans for the “upcoming Beta” of the highly anticipated game, Diablo 3. Though no exact date was announced, industry analysts predict that it would happen in Q3 of this year in time for maybe a Holiday season release.

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