Marvel Legends Ares Series

Get Ares of the Mighty Avengers as the next Build-A-Figure in the Hasbro Marvel Legends line.

A lot of previews were made at the San Diego Comic Con – movie trailers, comics, and toy lineups. For the Marvel Legends line under Hasbro – since we couldn’t be at the SDCC…view the hi-res images at

WalMart Exclusive Ares Build-A-Figure

(8 figures)

  • Crossbones
  • Guardian
  • the Vision
  • Heroes Reborn Armor Iron Man
  • Spiderman (Ben Riley)
  • Kang (re-released FF4 Classics version from ToyBiz)
  • F4 Human Torch
  • Ultimate War Machine

Iron Man line (all from the movie)

  • Captain America Armor Iron Man
  • Atmospheric Diving Iron Man
  • Mark I Armor Iron Man – gold version
  • Stealth Strike Iron Man
  • Classic Iron Monger – blue
  • Torpedo Armor Iron Man
  • Satellite Armor Iron Man

Marvel Legends 2-Packs

  • Stealth Iron Man / Sharon Carter of SHIELD
  • Classic Armor Iron Man / Maria Hill, director of SHIELD
  • Dum Dum Dugan / the Hand Ninja
  • Elektra / Ronin
  • Nick Fury / WW2 Captain America
  • Wolverine / Forge
  • Mr. Fantastic / Thing

Spectacular Spider-man Animated Series

  • Electro
  • the Green Goblin

Heroes Reborn IM Kang Spidey Ben Riley Torch UWM Guardian Vision Crossbones Ares helm Ares no helm Elektra-Ronin Fury-CapWW2 Wolvie-Forge Maria Hill Nick Fury Skrull The Hand ninja

Though I’m not a big fan of Hasbro Marvel Legends (yeah, I’m a Toybiz ML believer) – it’s interesting to see the old Toybiz scuplts get re-released. And I was also planning on modding some of my spares figs to look like Ares – but the release news beat me to it.

Not that I plan to buy it (especially with Hasbro’s notorious reputation for making their current ML lines out-of-scale with previous releases) – Ares being a BAF, is over-sized. Still, will wait and see…again, Hasbro. Ngrrr…

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