Mark Millar’s Kick Ass Movie

Does Kick Ass have enough creds to do so?

Pre-production work has been rumored to have started on a movie version of Marvel Comics’ Kick Ass. Matthew Vaughn, British/American film producer and director, is also rumored to direct the movie for Marvel Comics’ Thor. Vaughn’s producing credits includ Snatch (2000) and Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels (1998). His directing credits include Stardust (2007) and Layer Cake (2004).

For those of us who’ve followed the hit comic book Kick Ass, we know all too well that the good writing from Mark Millar, coupled with the decent artwork from John Romita, Jr. has everybody hooked. Too hooked, in fact that the demand for the books has greatly outweighed the supply, leading to frustration and disappointment among its readers. The delay for each of its issues reach to about a month for each of their scheduled releases – with Marvel giving no reasons as to why. Even the inclusion of variant covers doesn’t justify this, hehe.

Anyway, the story revolves around a15-year-old boy named Dave Lizewski, a comic book fanatic who dreams of one day becoming a superhero – despite not having any super powers at all. He decides to don a green, masked costume and goes around the city fighting crime and injustice wherever he finds it. Needless to say, the modern take on the superhero mythos is a refreshing alternative from all the capes and super powered stories that we’ve been accustomed to. From there, the story takes off… and stays there. They’re currently stuck with the THIRD ISSUE, released way back in July! Number 4′s still due to come out this month,but still no sign here. Kick Ass #5 is scheduled to ship Dec. 24. The 6th ish, scheduled to ship Jan. 28, 2009. The 7th issue is already rescheduled for Feb. 25. WTF!


Here’s the small video they made for their viral campaign. Shot using a mobile phone camera, the movie sets up a realistic fight between Kick Ass versus several men.


Aaron Johnson, an 18-year-old British actor will be playing Dave Lizewski, whereas 21-year old Lyndsy Fonseca (from Desperate Housewives) will be Katie Deauxma, Dave’s crush.

Chloe Moretz is Hit Girl (damn those names) – an 11 year old kid who goes around toting a samurai, slicing bad guys with impunity.

Nicholas Cage will also be in the film, as Hit Girl’s dad, Big Daddy (right!), a former cop responsible for her  training as a sword-wielding killing machine.

Kick Ass wonderin' about his comic, and his movie They're all kickin' ass


Well, following the comic books is a real trying experience. You like the book, but they come out with it with big delays. The excitement dies down fast. I’m not really keen on the movie catching the excitement – everybody’s still left in the air with the story. Any sort of attachment to the characters is left almost entirely up to the movie. Do they expect to rush the comic book releases to win street cred among readers? It may be a good read, but it’s not THAT good.

Chances are, the movie’ll flop even before the comics reach a stunning comeback among its fans. Still it’s still too early to say at this point – what with us still being stuck the 3rd issue!

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