Devil May Cry Movie

Ever since the 2003 announcement that Tokyo-based film distributor Gaga Communications has partnered with Capcom, there has been no more news about this project.

The last we heard was from the IGN story about the supposed deal where they should begin shooting and developing the movie in 2005. Well, it’s now 2009, peeps. Is this project dead? We need some updates here, Capcom and Gaga.

Meanwhile, as for the movie’s plot, it’s generally believed that it will revolve around Dante, the game’s protagonist.

“Dante, son of the legendary Sparta, a devil lieutenant with a heart for humans who turned against the Devil Prince more than 2,000 years ago, and in doing so turned the Usurping Devil Prince’s evil dreams on their head.  He conquered the devil, trapping him, and then left his evil past and the Underworld, so as to live with humankind. He married a woman who bore a half-devil, half-man child, Dante.”

No cast or director has been named for this film yet. Even a quick search on IMDB reveals that the movie will be released in 2010 but more detailed info is available only of the paid IMDB pro version.

Ho-humm… we won’t be shelling out precious moolah just for that. 

Let’s just wait for updates in the meantime.

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