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Women Comes Back To Life. But Dies Again Due To The Shock of being in a Funeral

This one is for the record books. A woman in Russia supposedly died of a heart attack. When mourners opened her coffin to say prayers, she woke up. But died again after suffering from a SECOND heart attack when she … Continue reading

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Girl Sells Virginity For iPhone 4

When her dad refused to buy her the new iPhone 4, a girl in China posted her photo on website and offered her virginity to anyone who could give her the iPhone.

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The Best Forum Thread Ever Made

Einstein holding Cloud’s sword beside Henry Rollins, Indy, and Snake Eyes? No doubt about it, these are The Most Epic Crossover Pics You Have Ever Seen. Prepare to get your mind blown up.

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The Hyundai Accent Wall Projection Marketing Ploy

The video that follows, on how they marketed the new Hyudai Accent… Will. Blow. You. Away.

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I Gotcha Sucka iPhone App

I’m a sucka for odd and weird iPhone apps. Yeah, that’s a trade secret. Anwyays, are you pissed at your boss, officeworkers or girlfriends/boyfriends? There’s an App for that! As they say, Revenge is a dish best served cold. Check … Continue reading

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The SNES Cartridge Urinal

What do we geeks do with all our old SNES cartridges? They’re just taking up valuable storage space at home! Hmmm… these folks had a splendid idea; Let’s PISS ON ‘EM!

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The Physics Behind Angry Birds

Rovio has managed to enthrall us by sending Angry Birds whoozing through the air and (hopefully) land accurately on its target. But how realistic is the physics behind the game? One geek has done the (almost) impossible..

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These Are Paintings. Not Photos. Awesome!

Check out the following realistic portraits by artist Rob Hefferan. Amazing!!!

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WebP is the New JPEG

JPEG is an Internet dinosaur now. The image above IS NOT JPEG!!! Researchers and developers at Google have finally unveiled their new creation, the WebP image format (pronounced “Weppy”). They claim the same quality as JPEG but around 38% smaller … Continue reading

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May 21 Rapture Day Pranks

When crazy old fart, H. Camping’s May 21 world-ender fizzled out, a lot of people breathed a sigh of relief. A lot too, of course, were pissed off – most especially his believers who contributed to his coffers bloating to … Continue reading

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