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Left 4 Dead 2 Hands On Preview

We take a look at the new features of L4D 2 and feature a gamespot interview with designer Doug Lombardi.

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Dead Rising 2 E3 Demo Postponed Due to Swine Flu

You heard it right, due to the threat of a pandemic (and the sensitive nature of the subject), the launch/announcement of Dead Rising 2 at E3 won’t be happening.

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Lego Rock Band Out This September

With the tough rivalry between Rock Band and Guitar Hero, the folks at Harmonix and MTV are pulling all the stops to come up with something innovative.

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Onlive – The Future Of Video Games

If this service stays true on their promise, we will see a rovultion for the industry.

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Best Buy Resident Evil 5 Launch Event

Launch events used to be just camping outside the retail store and waiting in line to get your copy of this game. This one, done by Best Buy is pure brilliance!

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Practical Applications for the Gears of War Chainsaw

The Gears of War chainsaw-gun, called the “Lancer” inside the game isn’t just for chopping up and blowing villians. There are a hundred applications for this beast. Check em out!

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The Beatles for Rock Band Available this September

The greatest rock and roll band in the world will now be available for rock band

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Midway Now Bankrupt

Best known for their game, Mortal Kombat, it seems that Midway got the bad end of the “Finish Him” tagline.

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Japan Ends Xbox Support

Japan has declared that it is no longer servicing Xbox (the first gen console, NOT the 360) effective March of this year.

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Guitar Hero: Metallica trailer

Ride the Lightning or be the Master of Puppets as you play as Metallica!

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