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Smartphones Dominate Handheld Gaming

The hand-held space is a pretty interesting avenue of gaming right now. While hand-held gaming has never been more popular, the competition has never been greater.

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Diablo 3 Beta Likely In Q3 2011

Recently, Blizzard has announced its plans for the “upcoming Beta” of the highly anticipated game, Diablo 3. Though no exact date was announced, industry analysts predict that it would happen in Q3 of this year in time for maybe a … Continue reading

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New Nintendo Wii U Price and Specs

Nintendo just unveiled their new console, the “Wii U” at E3 2011. Tagged at a “2012 launch”, the new console promises a synergy of tablet, TV, and of course, the motion-packed fun factor of the Wii. It’s like having an … Continue reading

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New Star Wars The Old Republic MMO Trailer

Here’s a new trailer revealed at E3 for the Star Wars The Old Republic. I just wish the game would be as good as the CGI short film. Sigh.

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Play Doom With Just Your Browser

Doom opened the floodgates for the FPS genre. I had a blast playing it yearrsssss ago. Oh well. Now you can play it just using your web browser.

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How To Be A DM Dad or Mom

It’s been almost 40 years (1974 to be exact) when Dungeons and Dragons came out. Thanks to Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson, we geeks had had great and memorable memories with D&D. It also spawned countless video games, games, and … Continue reading

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The SNES Cartridge Urinal

What do we geeks do with all our old SNES cartridges? They’re just taking up valuable storage space at home! Hmmm… these folks had a splendid idea; Let’s PISS ON ‘EM!

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The Physics Behind Angry Birds

Rovio has managed to enthrall us by sending Angry Birds whoozing through the air and (hopefully) land accurately on its target. But how realistic is the physics behind the game? One geek has done the (almost) impossible..

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StarCraft 2 Heart Of The Swarm Trailer

Wohooo! Leaked trailer of the next expansion for StarCraft 2, Heart of the Swarm. Zerg. ‘Nuff said.

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At Last. Dead Island Gameplay Video

A couple of months ago, Dead Island released what is, one of the best Zombie-game trailers for us to see. Now, look at 11 minutes of pure game play awesomenezz…

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