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Riverside Iowa. Got it?

Yup. Any Trekkie would know that that is the future birthplace of Jamers Tiberius Kirk. The folks at Riverside recently erected this marker above. Neato!

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Black vs Bieber. Black 1, Bieber 0

Rebecca Black PAWNS the Bieber! Read all about it after the jump…

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Star Wars The Musical

Found an old 1996 video of the adaptation of Star Wars. The play was conceived, written and directed by Garrin Hajeianm, Kevin Bayuk and John Zuckerman. Performed by Palos Verdes Peninsula High School. Enjoy!

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Recreate The Vinyl Record Sound On Your iPad

It’s a different feeling when you listen to real vinyl records. The pops, cracks and hiss adds a surreal, nostalgic feel to the music. I guess that’s one of the reasons record collectors cling on to their dear vinyl. If … Continue reading

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Megadeth Head Crusher Video

Megadeth’s new album “Endgame” is slated to be released this September 15 and is said to usher in a new age of screaming metal up all the collective assess of metal fans across the world.

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Bon Jovi Set New Album Release

2009 has turned into a landmark year like no other for legendary Island Records group Bon Jovi, and now the band is launching their new single, “We Weren’t Born To Follow” an upbeat positive anthem which premiered on radio Tuesday, … Continue reading

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Steven Tyler Falls off Stage!

Steven Tyler, Aerosmith’s Vocalist, fell off the stage during a recent concert in South Dakota. Tyler, 61, fell several feet while entertaining the crowd by dancing around as the sound crew replaced a fuse that blew during the song “Love … Continue reading

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Twilight Star to play Black Metal Legend

Jackson Rathbone, the teen heartthrob from “Twilight”, has reportedly agreed to play Varg Vikernes (a.k.a. Count Grishnackh) in the upcoming movie “Lords Of Chaos”.

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Guns n’ Roses new album announced!

It’s finally here! After almost a decade of waiting, Guns N’ Roses will finally launch their new album titled “Chinese Democracy” on the 23rd of November. I am personally excited to see what Axl and the new members of the … Continue reading

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Super Mario OST on Guitar

Zack Kim Does the Super Mario Bros. and the Simpsons!

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