Bingo Bank Holidays

Online bingo players know that every holiday on the calendar brings special games and promotions at online bingo sites. During the Christmas and New Year’s holidays, bingo sites roll out their best promotions and bonuses.
Generally, holiday jackpots are larger than usual. Many bingo sites add holiday themed slots to their collection of side games. Valentine’s Day is also a big holiday for online bingo players. Since a majority of bingo players are women Valentine’s Day promotions feature romantic themes such as Love, Flowers, Romance, Chocolates, jewelry and special gifts.
In the UK there are several holidays unique to the British Isles. Among these are Easter Monday and Tuesdays, Victoria Day, the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and Boxing Day. Online bingo sites targeting the UK generally run special promotions for these UK public holidays. Bank holidays are unique to the UK and most bingo sites take advantage of these holidays to offer players special games, deposit specials and bank holiday promotions.
What are bank holidays? Bank holidays are observed in the UK and the Republic of Ireland. Most of the population gets a day off but those employed by essential services must work. Many UK residents employed by the tourist and retail industry must work but this depends on the employer and the nature of the business. Bank holidays are days when the banks are shut and no other business can be transacted. Coincidentally most bank holidays are on Monday’s giving workers a three day weekend. There are usually 8 bank holidays per year.
Online bingo sites take advantage of these three day weekends by offering games with extremely attractive jackpots and prizes. If the weather is bad bingo sites earn even more money as players stay indoors. The weather can have a great effect on the online bingo sector. During the severe storms during the winter of 2010 some online bingo operators reported a 60% increase in revenues. Land based bingo clubs traditionally offer players bank holiday specials.
For the latest bank holiday which was on Monday, May 7th just about every UK bingo site had special games and promotions. Some bingo operators were advertising jackpots of as much as £100,000! ($160,685.63 USD) Industry competition has made holidays even more profitable for players. To survive bingo sites must find ways to stand out from the crowd and holidays provide the perfect opportunity.
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