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Has got a LEGENDARY case of Tourette's when he's driving and has an ASTONISHING obsession with getting a new pair of hiking shoes each week (though he AMAZINGLY can't afford to do that). He MASTERFULLY thinks his physique can improve once he just stops SPECTACULARLY daydreaming about it. He's also known to be able to break your concentration FANTASTICALLY. ViolentDream has had INCREDIBLY diverse experiences - from journalistic writing, graphic design, editorial cartooning, CAD and 3D design and animation, product and project management. He's now UNCANNILY busy catching up with video-gaming, action figure modding, and the Mixed Martial Arts scene. Oh, and he's really not into comics. Bah.

Marvel’s Geek-Lactus episodes launches Geek-Lactus!

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WWE’s Rey Mysterio’s a real Marvel fan

Rey Mysterio shows-off his Marvel-inspired costumes in the WWE

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Watch Episodes of the 1967 Spider Man Animated Series

Spider Man, Spider Man, does whatever a Spidey can…

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MP-08 Grimlock Review

Get a closer look at the newly released TF Masterpiece, Grimlock!

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Japanese Spider-Man Episode 2

Watch more Japanese Spider-Man in the 2nd episode.

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The Watchmen Action Figures from DC Direct

DC Direct showcases their Watchmen 6-inch toyline, in stores now!

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Geekz’ Watchmen movie review

We Did Watch the Watchmen…and here’s our Top 10 impressions…

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Watch full episodes of Japanese Spider-Man!

Watch Japanese Spiderman’s adventures for free here!

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Hasbro’s New Marvel Universe Comes…Short

Let’s see how these little guys take over the legends…

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Galactus vs. Beta Ray Bill!

Uh-oh, what did you get into this time, Beta Ray Bill?!

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