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The Fuhrer has over 5 years experience in the MMORPG industry and is a geek (and gamer) at heart. He’s also a professional writer/editor and has vast experience in blogging, new media and digital marketing. Being a Pro Tour Magic player are just some of his many achievements. The Fuhrer is also an avid pen-and-paper RPG gamer and loves to collect movies and toys in his spare time

Transformers 3 Confirmed

Something to cheer you up! Transformers director Michael Bay has just announced that they are already working on Transformers 3. The movie is scheduled to be shown on July 2011.

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Sultan of Brunei Has Most Expensive Haircut

Normally, a gentleman’s trim would cost around $10 to $30. But the Sultan of Brunei, Hassnal Bolkiah, will not settle for that petty amount.

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Torchlight: While We Wait For Diablo 3

Here’s something to look forward to next month. Torchlight. By Runic Games. Something nice before waiting for Diablo 3 bores us to death…

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Paranormal Activity

Check this out. I had goosebumps. So shall you. Paranormal Activity. Opens Sept. 25, 2009

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Supermarket Discriminates Against Jedis

When a founder of the Church of Jedism was asked to take off his hood in a Tesco supermarket, sparks flew!

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Kanye West Spoofs

Ever since Kanye West made a big fuss at VMA, a lot of memes and spoofs cropped up over the web. Here are some of geekzkrieg’s favorites

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Bruce Lee Ping Pong

Viral video for Nokia China. Awesome! Watch it and be a convert!!!

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Battle Net 2 Revealed

During Blizzcon 2009, Blizzard revealed the screenshots of the spanking new Battle.Net…

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Boost Your Wifi Signal Using a Straw

Here’s a simple tutorial video that will boost your WiFi signal using a straw and wire.

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Super Michael Jackson Brothers

See the King of Pop moonwalk his way in Super Mario Brothers. Video follows…

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